• Sesh Monkey Turns Hip-Hop's Iconic Hits Into 12 Pages Comics 1

    Sesh Monkey Turns Hip-Hop’s Iconic Hits Into 12 Pages Comics

    New Zealand-based artist Sesh Monkey, creates 12 pages comic books based on popular hip-hop songs. More
  • Gitte Maria Möller's Work Infested With Heavy Symbolism 2

    Gitte Maria Möller’s Work Infested With Heavy Symbolism

    Gitte Maria Möller is an illustrator based in South Africa, Cape Town. Drawing on many different fields such as ancient mythology, religious manuscripts and iconography, prayer paintings, mang, and early video games, Gitte's works are loaded with heavy symbolism and archetypes. More
  • Sophi Miyoko Gullbrants's Mellow & Unworldly Works 3

    Sophi Miyoko Gullbrants’s Mellow & Unworldly Works

    Sophi Miyoko Gullbrants is a freelance illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY, and currently a full-time designer at Dame Products which is a female-founded company that manufactures well-engineered sex toys. She has collaborated with many brands such as Adobe, Apple, Nike, The New York Times, The New Yorker... More
  • hannah eddy

    Hannah Eddy’s Art Lives on Waves

    Hannah Eddy is an illustrator and muralist who loves to use colors and their vibrations between each other. She finds inspiration from skateboard, snowboard and surf culture and turn it into a feeling in her work. More
  • Jiayi Li's Captivating Misty Dreamworld 4

    Jiayi Li’s Captivating Misty Dreamworld

    Paris-based illustrator Jiayi Li has a pure, glowing aesthetic. Airbrush vibes, anime aesthetic, humorous fruit sexuality can be seen in Jiayi Li's works. Misty and glaring lights, gradients, details of reflection, and highlights are the most powerful characteristics of the illustrator's work. More
  • Sebastian Cestaro's Cartoon World 5

    Sebastian Cestaro’s Cartoon World

    Sebastian Cestaro's style has a surreal side with a colorful cartoon-like color palette, abstract faces, and big eyes that he uses as a repetitive design element in most of his works also we can call them his signature. More
  • Imogen Crossland: Ode to the Good Times 6

    Imogen Crossland: Ode to the Good Times

    Imogen Crossland paints scenes that reflect the moments of joy like gathering, dancing, eating, drinking, swimming, partying in her multicolored and textured works. More
  • Jiayue Li's Empowered Female Protagonists 7

    Jiayue Li’s Empowered Female Protagonists

    Jiayue Li's works, which she created with the taste of rough sketches with colored paints, have a soft and peaceful side. The presence of female characters in the foreground also emphasizes the theme of woman empowerment. More
  • Julia Dufossé's Glowing Airbrushed Aesthetic 8

    Julia Dufossé’s Glowing Airbrushed Aesthetic

    French-born, Chicago-based Julia Dufossé is a self-taught designer & illustrator. Combining the inspiration from the airbrush aesthetics of the 70s and 80s with her own style in digital, she creates dazzling, dreamy, glowy, and slightly hazy illustrations. More
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