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Hey! How are you doin’? Hope everything is ok in your life. Many things are changing in the world; everyone is struggling on some level. But you got this. We all have something special in our lives; we can express ourselves through design. This introduction may be sound absurd, but hey, that’s how we feel these days, and we don’t put something here just for the sake of saying or doing it. 

So, we collected a bunch of assets we created over the year to help you better prepare for 2022. We have selected among the most popular products, and the list is quite long. You can purchase more than 300 Euro worth of 38 different products, collectively 650+ unique items in this Designers 2022 Prep Kit. (9 videos in “Holographic Materials Pack 9 Videos + 30 PNGs” asset are not available in this bundle. And Design Elements Pack: 500 Shapes, 75 Textures package includes 400 shapes which was the previous version of this pack.)

The bundle includes fonts, mockups, textures, icons, and everything you might need in your design process. And if you create something with them, feel free to share it with us. We are happy to see our efforts make a difference in your creative process!

Designers 2022 Prep Kit 1

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