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Distressed Ink Bleed Effect

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“These days kids will never know how paper soaks the ink and dissolve into it.” said many Baby Boomers. 

But is it really true? We live in the digital landscape. This generation thinks in digital, connects in digital, and last but not least, creates in digital. It’s natural to associate nostalgic things in digital as well. 

Distressed Ink Bleed Effect is our latest addition to these skeuomorphic practices. This is a part of our growing Adobe Photoshop effect library. 

It’s easy to use, no plugin is needed and you can use it with 4 different textures. You can customize and experiment with it. We’re here to make things easier for you. Step into the barn, get dirty and wealthy.


6000x6000px 72dpi
4 Textures
Easy to use
Adobe Photoshop
No Plugin

Shockwave (Free)
Centrion (Free)
Arial (Free)

Standard, Extended Commercial, Exclusive Commercial

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