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  • Carmen Wayne's Double Exposures of Subtle Emotions 1

    Carmen Wayne’s Double Exposures of Subtle Emotions

    Photographs are an art form that is delicately structured to tell us something, a story, in every encounter. Regardless of being conscious or unconscious, photography gives meaning to itself. Although when the photographer avoids attributing meaning, the viewer gives a meaning with his own connotations as he looks at the photograph. In its current form, …

  • Edouard Taufenbach

    Edouard Taufenbach Captures Swallows Flight Route on Migration

    Birds represent freedom in almost every field of art. Not belonging to one place, being able to go to another place whenever they want, and most importantly being able to fly. We think they’re free just because they don’t measure distance in steps as humans do. However, their lives also pass in certain routines. People …

  • Aryo Toh Djojo

    Aryo Toh Djojo: Lost in Space While Observing LA’s Glamorous Culture

    Universe has many secrets never heard by anyone, many unsolved riddles without hints, many premises not proved yet. However, humanity invests in countless assumptions to put their life in order. Some things are always bad and others good. That’s how people survived for centuries. Using biases and default mode reflexes. If something threatens your life, …

  • Darian Mederos: Hiding Behind Bubble Wrap in Hyper-Realistic Paintings 15

    Darian Mederos: Hiding Behind Bubble Wrap in Hyper-Realistic Paintings

    Every one of us hides something that can’t be told. Every one of us is going through something which others don’t know. Life can be challenging and we still have to move on and wake up to another day. But we can’t show our vulnerabilities, so a simple way to avoid that is hiding or …

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