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Welcome to Dirtybarn, the design studio that creates a wide range of mockups, templates, graphics, and animations that cater to both organizations and individuals. We see that our creations help designers in many ways, that’s why we’re excited to announce our latest giveaway of free design assets!

Social media is incredibly important for independent content producers like us. That enables us to connect with new people and gives us visibility! 

That’s why we want to grow together with your network. By replying our pinned tweet with however you want, you’ll be helping us a lot!

In return, we will send our free design assets bundle via Twitter DM, which you can use in your projects. We’re confident that these assets will be helpful.

Thank you for being a part of the Dirtybarn community. We’re excited to see what you create with our free assets, and we can’t wait to continue growing together!


Dirtybarn Free Assets 1

Animated Macbook Mockup*

Dirtybarn Free Assets 2

50 Pieces Textures Pack – 01

Dirtybarn Free Assets 3

14 Pieces Textures Pack – 02

Dirtybarn Free Assets 4

Post Modern Shape Pack

Dirtybarn Free Assets 5

Business Card With Banana

Dirtybarn Free Assets 6

Burning Paper Mockup

Dirtybarn Free Assets 7

Plastic Wrap Mockup

Dirtybarn Free Assets 8

SD Memory Card Mockup

Dirtybarn Free Assets 9

Plastic Wrap Texture Mockup

Dirtybarn Free Assets 10

Ziplock Texture Mockup

Dirtybarn Free Assets 11

Paper Texture Mockup

Dirtybarn Free Assets 12

Torn Paper Texture Mockup

Dirtybarn Free Assets 13

Floppy Disk Texture Mockup

Dirtybarn Free Assets 14

Plastic Warp Texture Mockup X01

Dirtybarn Free Assets 15

Plastic Warp Texture Mockup X02

Dirtybarn Free Assets 16

Plastic Warp Texture Mockup X03

Dirtybarn Free Assets 17

Bloodbag Texture Mockup

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  1. A amazing work!

    • ¿Como puedo descargar? Me pide codigo

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  4. Awesome!!

  5. This is awesome! i love it.

  6. Cool!! Thank you so much, appreciate it❤

  7. thanks a lot!!!!

  8. Hi ! Your work is amazing ! I’m follower, and I search the Plastic Wrap Texture Mockup 3, i see it on Behance, and i can’t find it here, can you help me please ?

  9. nice work

  10. nice!

  11. amazing!!!

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