Album Cover Templates – 10 Pieces

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Music is maybe the most diverse art form because of it’s accessibility in today’s technology. Pop, rock, metal, hip-hop, jazz are the usual suspects. However if we dive deep into the subgenres the real beauty emerges. Every genre has it’s own subgenres and they have their subgenres. Listening and learning everything about subgenres is more impossible than watching every video on YouTube. 

Every album have a album cover and unique design. Some of them iconic and some has to be unseen. But album covers is a part of the music and the identity of the album. Eventually it’s a part of creative process.

We prepared a fully customizable album covers for you. If your taste experimental, abstract, IDM, ambient vibes it might be perfect fit. But hey! Why we should put them in a box. Leave a comment or message us on social to share your feedback. And if you want something special for us let’s talk through!


10 Unique Album Designs

2000x2000px 300DPI

Fully customizable on Adobe Photoshop

Prepared for Dirtbarn by Beren Tezcanlı

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Standart, Extended Commercial, Exclusive Commercial

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