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Futuristic Graphics Kit

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The future is already here. We may not have flying cars, domestic robots like Rosey in Jetsons, or hoverboards like in Back to the Future. But hey, don’t compare reality with science fiction. But if you really want to know some predictions become reality, there’s a whole lotta out there!

These days internet’s hot topics are blockchain, NFT’s, DOA’s, DeFi’s, and web 2.0 evolving to web3. So, the future is really here eh?

On our 3rd collaboration with graziaesthetica, we present to you the Futuristic Graphics Kit. This kit enables you to edit, customize, and mix dystopic graphics as you please. You can use them separately or all together. 

Take a step in and welcome to the future.


Ready to use graphics
Fully editable in Adobe Illustrator

Prepared for Dirtybarn by graziaesthetica.


Standard, Extended Commercial, Exclusive Commercial

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