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Quirky and Brutal Sticker Pack – 25 Animated Stickers

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Bold, simple, and plain. Sometimes the depth we are looking for isn’t there. But it’s no one’s fault basically. It’s just the way it is. Colors, shapes, and tones help us to express ourselves. Because they’re inseparable from the design. New, old, cute, and ugly everything lives in harmony now. Quirky and Brutal Sticker Pack is our latest addition to our ever-expanding sticker collection.

This super handy Quirky and Brutal Sticker Pack is ready for your digital channels. You can use them as your will and make them shine with your brand, project, or side hustle!

What’s Inside?

  • 25 Pieces
  • Animated stickers in MOV format
  • Static stickers in PNG format

Prepared for Dirtybarn by Beren Tezcanlı aka @berentezcanli__s


Standard, Extended Commercial, Exclusive Commercial

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