Psychedelic & Abstract Texture Set – 54 Pieces

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Red pill or blue pill? Or does it actually matter? What’s important is the reality you wanted to live in. The reality that matters to you most. So you can go futuristic, metallic, and shiny. Or do 180 and go psychedelic, fractal and void-like. Whether you choose abstract textures or psychedelic textures you can bend the fabric of reality.

But, maybe your reality is more like a trip. It starts from somewhere and ends god knows where. And the journey feels like the Enter The Void movie. Many things can coexist at the same time, but some can’t. So, is the journey about finding balance or meaning?

When creating something from the ground, many things can change or have resistance to change. But the image in the mind is always clear. Just need to find a way to make it real.

We collected 54 of these images on our minds and proudly presenting.


54 PNG 5000x5000px 72dpi


Standard, Extended Commercial, Exclusive Commercial

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